Top Reasons to Buy an Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

kitchen appliancesA pot pressure cooker is an essential kitchen item. When buying, you have to choose between the conventional stove top pressure cookers and electric pressure cookers. According to Corrie cooks, electric ones are a lot more popular because of the numerous advantages they offer while preparing different recipes. A few of the top reasons to buy an instant pot pressure cooker are highlighted below.


When pot pressure cookers were first introduced to the market decades ago, they had a variety of safety issues that led to explosions and steam burns. The modern electric pressure cookers are built with a variety of safety technologies and mechanisms that ensure the pots are safe for home use. The electric ones are even safer because they allow for automatic control of the heat.

Fast Cooking

Among the main reasons people invest in pot pressure cookers is to save time and energy. It takes only minutes to prepare a dish in an instant pot, which would otherwise take hours when a traditional pot is used. The faster cooking time does not lower the quality of the food prepared. Faster cooking times also mean lower fuel usage. You thus get to save significant amounts of money on fuel by using the pot pressure cooker regularly.

Healthier Foods

With pressure cooking, the amount of liquid required to cook any particular food is a lot less compared to other options. That means that your food will retain a lot more of its nutrients. The foods also becomes a lot more tender and flavorful, making it more delicious.

Easy Cooking

With an instant pressure cooker, you do not have to worry about how good of a cook you are. It makes the cooking process very easy. All you need to do is throw in your ingredients and press a few buttons, then walk away. For example, if you want to sauté your food, you only need to press the sauté and timer buttons and let the pot do the rest.


With the traditional cooking pots, you get to withstand all the heat, steam, noise, and smell while cooking. That can get you all sweaty and uncomfortable, making cooking an unpleasant experience. An electric pot pressure cooker is designed to cook without transferring heat, smell, or steam to the surroundings. With the automation features, you can walk away from the kitchen as your meal is cooking.