Different Uses Of Air Compressors You Should Know


To most people, air compressors are for inflating tyres only. However, they have numerous uses both domestic and commercial. It is a technology that most working tools are based on in the modern world. The central pneumatic air compressor is commonly used due to its efficiency in air production and low maintenance requirements. They also come at fair prices and great versatility. This article highlights different uses of air compressors.

Different uses of air compressors

Inflating tyres

Vehicles need to have well-inflated tyres at all timewheel for safety. Bicycles and motorcycles use tyres too. This service is offered in all petrol stations and repair garages. Different air compressors are used to provide such services. The minimum requirement is for it to sufficiently provide enough air to the tyres. For convenience, people buy compressors to use in their garages that can also assist in other uses.

Pressure washer

It is much fun to use this device. It is fast and thorough for its cleaning. It can be used to clean the vehicles, canvas, and the drive just to name but a few. The amount of water used is little hence economical. Caution must be taken when using the pressure washer. Some are strong and can throw someone off balance if used while up the ladder. The pressure can be regulated to fit the purpose in a more convenient way.

Air blow guns

air blow gunAir blow guns are used to clean dust and dirt from the machines especially those that include a lot of detailed connections. Most industry machine technicians use this gun while performing their maintenance duties. It is not recommended to use this on machinery if you are not n expert as it can force some parts off. Even though you may have an air it at home, let a technician clean your machinery.

Nail guns

Since 1950 when they were first introduced, nails guns are very useful to speed up construction. There are two types of nail guns. One type uses a direct drive where the compressed air drives the nail direct to the timber. The other uses indirect drive where the compressed air drives a piston that drives the nail. Both require a highly compressed air to get enough force to drive nails through timber or concrete. They are dangerous, and one must take caution by wearing protective gear and using carefully.…