Households and industries face a myriad of problems as far as water is concerned. One common problem that is rarely talked about is the hard water. While research has not established any problem with consuming hard water, there are other longer term effects that it causes in the homes. Among the effects at home is the clogging of pipes leading to the inefficient running of electrical appliances. This damages and also increases energy consumption by several folds.

Another significant damage of hard water on homes is the staining of surfaces like bathtubs, showers etc. The scaly surfaces are an eyesore. There is no cause for alarm when dealing with hard water. Water softeners are available and there are different systems in the market for this purpose. Comparisons of different systems have been made for ease of choices. For systems to be installed in homes, the hardness of water is a deciding factor. We have analyzed the various models manufactured by Fleck for water softening.

Why Choose Water Softeners Manufactured by Fleck?

  • piggy bankAffordable
  • which makes consumers have a wide choice when buying one.

The assembly of the units is easy. A do it yourself (DIY) in form of a video accompanies the units when sold. Use of technology has made the units easy to use and simple. There are push buttons that make programming easy. The units are eco-friendly. The materials used lower consumption of power. Further to this, a little salt is used which is environmentally friendly.

  • The vendor provides technical support for its clients.
  • The spare parts are easily available.

The units have undergone Water Quality Association (WQA) certification. This certification has increased their trustworthiness.

5600 Series Fleck Brand

All hard waters are softened. It is hugely popular among the population due to the performance that is high and the use which is ease.The system is made up of a computer system for softening and a huge tank. A power supply of about 120 V is required. This is ideal for homes that are not large. Additional space is required once installed.There is a meter for regeneration. This is commensurate with the usage of water. Additionally, areas that have high or moderate water hardness are ideal for this series.The water that has been softened is not ideal for people whose diets prohibit them from taking sodium.

7000 Series Fleck Brand

Its design is standard. The number of tanks is two. The brine tank is separate and is always color beige.

The capacity is relatively high

The technology used allows regeneration to be done as water is used. This saves energy consumed.The tank used is lined with poly and reinforced with fiberglass making it structurally strong.Warranties are handsomely given. The control and valve have a warranty of five years while the tanks get ten years. Technical support is given for the life of the system.

9100 Series Fleck Brand

steelIt uses a system that has double tanks. This ensures efficiency is at maximum. To ensure that the household does not run out of the soft water, there is a different tank. Resin has been used for strengthening the tanks. The technology used allows regeneration to be done as water is used. This saves energy consumed.…

Five Tips For A Good Night Sleep


You probably have a demanding day, and it is time to retire to bed. When this time comes, nothing beats a comfortable and restful night. The most important thing to do when planning for a quiet night is investing in the right beddings and sleeping accessories like toppers, pillows, and quality mattress . That aside, here are other things that will improve the quality of your sleep.

Set a routinewaker clock

If you set your time every night in particular, then your body will respond to it. For instance, why not try to get to bed around 9 PM so that your body will have enough time to relax and before you know it you would be snoring before the clock strike at 10 PM.

Avoid eating a lot before going to bed or even going to bed on an empty stomach

Stay away from drinking alcohol, coffee, and other carbonated drinks before bedtime because these drinks will only increase your sugar level which in turn will produce more energy and will keep you awake. Try to drink a glass of water before going to bed so that you won’t wake in the middle of the night thirsty.

Avoid Bright Light At Night

fighting coupleMelatonin is the hormone that is secreted when the sun goes down, and it gets dark. It is the hormone that is supposed to be secreted when the sun goes down, however since we have invented the light bulb we effectively destroyed this feedback loop. If light always surrounds your body up until the point, you are trying to sleep it will take some time to get the melatonin going. This is why avoiding bright lights at night time like a computer screen, or even a TV can help you sleep.

Avoid Stimulants

Caffeine is the most known stimulant in America. It seems to be everywhere. It is in pop, coffee, tea, and even chocolate which is weird because raw chocolate does not contain caffeine. It contains a different stimulant called theobromine. Caffeine is found in natural plants and seems to be something that is alright to consume. However, since most Americans are stressed out and are adrenals are already overworked caffeine really can do a number on them. For those with sleeping disorders, avoid consuming caffeine after 12 pm, and you are up for it cut it out altogether if possible.…